TCM Natural Med. Clinic is in accordance to the popular trend of returning to mother nature. To maintain people’s health and prevent their health from disease manifestation, to provide people with living a healthy and longer life is our main principle. We offer patients with non-chemical therapy and the combination of western and Chinese medicine treatments for fairly common and challenging diseases. The island’s residents will receive our advantageous service like maintaining your health according to the 4 season changes, providing advice on health products, dietary therapy, correct usage of Chinese herbal tea, acupuncture, tui na and RMT. Our philosophy is breathing in the fresh open air, drinking the island’s pure water, eating bio-organic food, maintaining the condition of health, protecting it from disease and treating patients in accordance to the 4 season changes. We treat the patient by regulating the Qi and blood, regulating the Meridian and balancing the Yin and Yang, getting high prevention of diseases that may happen in their future.

Professor Zhao in TCM Natural Med. Clinic was born into a family of doctors practicing Chinese medicine for a couple of generations, very soon after his graduation in 1983 from Beijing Medical University, in addition to Professor Liu li sheng’s teaching, a doctor well known amongst doctors and medical professors, Dr. Zhao worked in Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences specializing hypertension, heart disease and research work, he published much over 10 medical articles on top class medical magazines, not only that but he also received prestigious national research awards for his medical research. Some time afterwards, he went to Germany’s Humboldt university of medicine. It was there he received further medical studies and later worked in Germany for a few years. Afterwards, he settled down in Canada. Dr. Zhao has accumulated rich and extensive experiences in diagnoses and treatment during his over 30 years practicing.  And he has treated over a very large number of patients using the medical theory of combined western medicine and Chinese medicine in China, Germany and Canada. He has received high praise from his patients for the good results and benefits they got from his treatments.He has treated various diseases related to internal medicine/ external medicine/ gynecology/pediatrics. He is specializing in sports related injuries, neuromuscular disease, Rheumatism-related and joint pain diseases, allergy related diseases, infertility, men and women sexual dysfunction, climacteric syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, vertigo migraine, insomnia, alzheimer’s, supportive therapy that makes cancer patients live longer, especially with the specialization of treatments for cardiovascular and heart disease.


Dr. Zhao has chosen Prince Edward Island for his semi-retirement and the research on maintain health to have a healthy and longer life.  He would like to contribute to the island’s residents with his extensive medical experience and knowledge. We would like to promote natural therapy and let more and more people to understand the traditional Chinese medicine and its valuable benefits . We specifically provide the Island’s residents free consultations and treatments( excluding the herbal tea) for half a day on the first Monday of each month. We warmly welcome all those with an interest in Chinese medicine and those who believe in Chinese medicine to make an appointment to visit us. At the same time, we genuinely hope to get the the broad public’s support and help.

TCM natural Med. Clinic is located at

300 Allen Str. Charlottetown

Tel:  902 702 6568