Welcome To EasyPEI

EasyPEI is a high-tech software company located in PEI. We obtain mature technology supported by a strong and professional team. We develop and operate a series of mobile internet applications for local and global users, as well as software development for all kinds of users. Our business includes mobile internet services, software development, customized service, etc.
EasyPEI offers the begin-to-end digital business platform, which based on open standards. We support all the business, organizations, and governments in an all-way and real-time context. Meanwhile, we are seeking cooperative opportunities with all business and organization partners, and provide up-to-date technology products to make the life easier.

Who Is EasyPEI

The great working place for young and creative hearts.  We are individualized but united.  Keep learning, keep trying, keep improving
Make the city home to every newcomer.  To simplify the business and living for everyone.
We will offer you the best solution to every single customer, to make the city easier to you.

Our Advantages

Mobile Internet Service
Software Developement
Customized Services