EasyPEI Software Inc. together with other 10 more Chinese PNP business are helping those Chinese BED students to collect money for their abroad internship. We want to make those students’ life easier, as our saying “easy city, easy life.”

The Guardian has reported the donation activity for UPEI education students. We really appreciate those businesses who took an active part in that fundrasing activity. Hope every Chinese business and student could have a better future.

Helping hand

Following is a list of companies ion P.E.I. that are donating money to help Chinese students in UPEI’s education program study abroad:

– EasyPEI Software Inc.

– Charlotte Tea

– Radiant Chinese Massage Centre

– Singsung Media Technology

– Signcut Inc.

– Amrobot

– Chinese Grocery Store

– Song’s Moving Help

– Bestylish

– Kirin Holidays

– UPEI Chinese Knot

– Vocaland Language Education Inc.

– Formtree Branding Ltd.

– Xuanmai Car Team

– King’s BBQ

– The Noodle House

– Terra Rouge

– Sammi Zhang – CST Corp.

– Enjoy PEI